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Charles D. Fraune has recently published several writings that have “struck a nerve” with today’s Catholic, who is seeking prayer, knowledge, understanding, and spiritual strength and stability:


 - “Slaying Dragons: What Exorcists See & What We Should Know,” the highly-acclaimed best-selling book based on the teachings of over twelve exorcists, including Fr. Ripperger, Fr. Amorth, and Fr. Fortea, as well as the teachings of almost twenty of the greatest Saints in the history of the Church. 

- “Come Away By Yourselves,” a guide to making a retreat based on the writings of Saint Alphonsus Liguori;

"Swords and Shadows," a spiritual warfare book designed for today's teenagers and youth, receiving strong support from priests and laity alike;

- ...and the “Prayer for Perseverance in the Storm,” a very well-received prayer inspired by the many titles of Our Lady, invoking her assistance in this troubling age in which we find ourselves.

Spiritual Warfare News and Reflections

Follow Charles D. Fraune at his website where he discusses news and events throughout the world that point to the ever-increasing need for spiritual vigilance.


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The Retreat Box stems from our own personal search for Christian stability in a chaotic and distracted world.


The Retreat Box reflects the experiences of a cradle Catholic and a "revert," a decade of discernment of the priesthood and religious life, years of seminary formation, advanced theological education, and a decade of teaching theology.


Eight years of raising a Catholic family, in that same chaotic and distracted world.